Safe use of forklifts in a warehouse

Basic obligations of the employer.

forklift safety barriers

The safe and proper use of forklift safety barriers warehouse equipment, including forklifts or shelves, should be remembered at the planning stage of warehouse equipment. - Currently produced forklifts are devices with a rather complicated construction, equipped with many additional functions and very technologically advanced.Therefore, their efficient operation requires both knowledge and practical experience.Unfortunately, as everyday practice shows, employers are often unable to choose the right type of wheelchair for the type of work performed and the specificity of the workplace. And this causes difficulties after buying, and in extreme cases it can increase the likelihood of possible accidents at work.

Absolutely necessary to submit a device for forklift safety barriers technical examination in writing in the appropriate technical inspection unit. The decision to operate the truck is only issued after completing this procedure, testing and checking.The whole process can also be carried out on our behalf by the truck manufacturer who supplies our warehouse.

It is also the owner of the company who has the later obligation to ensure the technical condition of the trucks on a daily forklift safety barriers basis and subject them to regular technical inspections. They are performed by a technical inspection inspector in the presence of a conservator and operator - once a year for lift trucks with a traveling operator and once every two years for guided lift trucks.


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